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Saturday, February 28, 2009


10 Favorite “Best Photo Tips”…. By You!

  1. “Think BEFORE you press the shutter” - Fuzzy

  2. “Do you REALLY want a photo of this?” - Brian Rueb
    “Would you put it on your wall?” - Chet
  3. “Light is EVERYTHING in photography” - Teineli
    “Don’t take photographs of subjects, take photographs of the light” - Cedric
    and very succinctly put…
    “Your photo will be no better than the quality of the light… if the light is mediocre, do not expect anything more than a mediocre photo” - GL

  4. “The difference between great photographers and a not so great photographers is that the great ones don’t show their crappy pictures.” - Bill Boem

  5. “K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple Stupid” - Laura

  6. “Try to express your emotion in photo.” - Igor
  7. “It’s not the camera” - Smitty
  8. “Take notes on every shot - you will learn far more from your failures.” - D. T. North

  9. “Bring your camera with you.” - Sybren

  10. “Never stop learning.” - steaminhaggis


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